Ball’s Falls Hike & Photo Spot

The Journey Disclaimer: A lot of our journey took us through some daunting unofficial and official trails, it was pretty dangerous so I don't suggest following in our footsteps. I suggest you use the official Bruce Trail which goes throughout the area, and use caution wherever you go as even official trails are dangerous at times. This summer some friends and I decided to take a hike into the Ball's Falls Conservation area. We started where Bruce Trail intersects Glen Rd and made our way towards the small town and neighboring waterfall that awaited us in the heart of the conservation area. The trail was quite rocky and beat up for much of the journey, it had some rather steep drops on the side at times. Definitely not the sort of trail you'd want to walk down if you are out for a calm stroll, however, I'm not an experienced hiker by any means...

June 2016 Site Updates

It's been a few months since I've updated this blog, but don't worry we're still alive, kicking, and ready to deliver more free photos for our growing library.  I've been mostly focused on a variety of other work projects that required my full attention, however, I was still able to sneak in a hiking trip where I grabbed some great photos of the landscape in and around the Baal's Falls area. We had quite the adventure while we were there and I can't wait to share that with you all in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, feel free to keep downloading our free photos, reading our existing articles, and get ready for another bunch of photos coming soon.

March 2016 Site Updates

It's the last day of March and it's time for our monthly site update yet again. This month has been the month of advertising for the website, as we've invested a bunch of time into our social media presence as well as networking with fellow sites. Here's the rundown: Boosted our post rate on both Twitter and Instagram Our Facebook page is still lacking and is definitely way less active, this is because Instagram and Twitter offer, in my opinion, better discovery feeds so that new users can find us easily. Hopefully we'll start evening out our posts, across all our social media channels as we continue to grow We did a small amount of cross-promotion with another website called Good Free Photos, go check out his photo collection let them know we sent you! We uploaded an entire collection of photos from Tew's Falls and the surrounding...

February 2016 Site Updates

Happy leap day everyone! We hope you've been enjoying your free photos. As always, it's the end of the month, so it's time for another site updates post. This month has been focused on more content and social media presence. Here's what' we've been up to: Photo Spot Blog Post - New blog post that lets photographers know where to get some great photos. We hope to expand this post into a series, so photographers can find out where to go without checking out random locations in the city. Social Media - We've been trying to get more active on Twitter, and have been experimenting with a few different services to help us with that. Follow us via @FP_Hamilton to keep up with the latest Free Photos Hamilton news. Speed Optimizations - We've done some more updates to the site which allow it to load a bit faster for both contributors and viewers...

Photo Spot – Cityscape & Hamilton Bay

If you're looking for a great view of the Hamilton downtown core, as well as the Hamilton Bay then you may want to check out a spot that we just stumbled upon between Burlington and Hamilton. You'll find it just north of the T. B. McQuesten High Level Bridge on York Boulevard. It's a small hill on the east side of the road, with stairs leading to the top. The exact location can be seen on Google Maps by clicking here There's some limited 15 minute parking on the side of the road which should give you enough time to grab some great shots, or just take a look at the view. The location is a small park of sorts, at the top of the hill you'll find a scenic viewfinder as well as an informative plaque. Here are some of the shots that I grabbed while I was...

January 2016 Site Updates

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great Holiday season, we sure did. We're already a month into 2016 and it's time that we did our monthly site update so here's what's been happening this month on the site: Blog Additions This is the first month that we've started adding additional content to the blog including guides and editorials, we hope to try and get more content on the blog on a regular basis if possible. Contributor Role Changes Photo contributors are now able to submit blog posts. This will hopefully result in some interesting and unique content in the near future. Optimizations We did a few days of optimization on the site, experimenting with a few different methods. We'll keep trying to optimize as time goes on, of course, but for the time being we've made the site run much more efficiently than it...

Hobbyist’s Guide to Night Sky Photography

If you’re a beginner photographer, or just a new hobbyist like me, then you’ve probably wondered how people get those amazing looking night shots, specifically of the night sky. When you’re first introduced to a DSLR, you were probably taught get as much light in the area as possible, which is not something you can do at night. Having learned what the majority of the basic settings on my camera actually do, I decided to look up a guide on how to use my newly found skills to try and get a shot of the night sky. What I Used The equipment that I ended up using included: Canon T3i 18-55mm lens Tripod Location, Location, Location When shooting the night sky, I learned that it’s very important to avoid light pollution. When I say light pollution, I mean sources of light that we don’t necessarily want in our shot. Light...

December 2015 Site Updates

Hello everyone, we hope you had a great holiday season this year. December was a busy month for all of us, and now it's time to get back into the regular routine. Just because it was busy, doesn't mean we didn't do any work on Free Photos Hamilton, so here's a look at what we did this month: Changed some back-end organization to assist with admin management, this should make publishing photos faster Added a share menu to each page so you can share photos and blog posts on social media and email Did some work on getting more blog content. Going forward we want to ensure that people will enjoy reading our content, as much as they do downloading our free photos. You should start seeing more blog posts, hopefully regularly, as we experiment with different types of writings including editorials and how-tos. We hope you enjoy Free Photos...

November 2015 Site Updates

Hello everyone, we hope you've been enjoying Free Photos Hamilton. These initial weeks have been crucial for the future of the website and we've been doing a bunch of work on new features and other changes. Our contributors and users have been giving us a bunch of feedback, and we've been trying streamline our user experience on the site as a whole. Most of the updates are technical, so you wouldn't have seen many visual changes on the site, however, these updates make the website a lot easier to use and more efficient. Some of the updates that we've completed: Made the uploading process a lot easier for contributors This means they'll be able to get more photos on the site faster Optimized the site so that it loads a lot faster, and works better on slower connections Changed how downloads work ZIP files are no longer...