Hello everyone, we hope you’ve been enjoying Free Photos Hamilton. These initial weeks have been crucial for the future of the website and we’ve been doing a bunch of work on new features and other changes. Our contributors and users have been giving us a bunch of feedback, and we’ve been trying streamline our user experience on the site as a whole. Most of the updates are technical, so you wouldn’t have seen many visual changes on the site, however, these updates make the website a lot easier to use and more efficient.

Some of the updates that we’ve completed:

  • Made the uploading process a lot easier for contributors
    • This means they’ll be able to get more photos on the site faster
  • Optimized the site so that it loads a lot faster, and works better on slower connections
  • Changed how downloads work
    • ZIP files are no longer required for single photos
    • Larger file sizes are now allowed for contributors
    • More changes to make uploads easier to interact with for contributors.
  • Optimized the site for mobile

These updates have been crucial to the future of the website, and hopefully pave the way for future updates and optimizations. The majority of these changes have been completely based on user and contributor feedback, so if you have any suggestions, or complaints, feel free to send an email to info@freephotoshamilton.ca