It’s the last day of March and it’s time for our monthly site update yet again. This month has been the month of advertising for the website, as we’ve invested a bunch of time into our social media presence as well as networking with fellow sites. Here’s the rundown:

  • Boosted our post rate on both Twitter and Instagram
    • Our Facebook page is still lacking and is definitely way less active, this is because Instagram and Twitter offer, in my opinion, better discovery feeds so that new users can find us easily. Hopefully we’ll start evening out our posts, across all our social media channels as we continue to grow
  • We did a small amount of cross-promotion with another website called Good Free Photos, go check out his photo collection let them know we sent you!
  • We uploaded an entire collection of photos from Tew’s Falls and the surrounding area, go check it out and get downloading

There you have it, another month, another update. Make sure you follow and like us on our various social media channels via the links below and keep and eye out for new photos coming soon!

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