Privacy Policy

Last Updated: November 7, 2015

General Information

Free Photos Hamilton does not actively collect personal data from our website users via any means. Any information that we have collected and/or stored individuals, or related parties, have been provided by the individuals, or related parties, themselves. With the exception of those that have given us contact information of a third-party as a possible reference for future business.

Any information that we have stored may include:

· Basic contact information (Full Name, Business Name, Address(es), Phone Number, Job Position)

· Project-related information (for example: if a customer wants us to create a website for them, we will typically store the assets of that website and any related materials during and after the development process)

More confidential information, such as credit card numbers, is not stored.

If you contact us, via email, or otherwise, your contact information may be stored along with the contents of the message. For example, if you were to email us with a suggestion for the website, your email may be stored for future reference.

Free Photos Hamilton uses standard business cloud software to keep customer personal information (see above) safe via password protection and/or encryption. Due to the nature of this business cloud software, the information may not be stored Canada.

Our Website

The Free Photos Hamilton website ( does not collect your personal information, unless you are a contributor, or have an account with us (see the ‘Contributors’ section below). For some online services, we may use cookies.

We may utilize “Google Analytics” to monitor web-traffic based analytics. This includes items such as how you got to our webpage (ie clicked a link from another website), where the traffic is coming from (ie a user visited our site from Canada), what webpages users are viewing on our website, as well as other related statistics. Full details can be found at the “Google Analytics” website which can be accessed via this link:

You can view “Google Analytics” privacy policy at this link:

Our site is running on WordPress.

You can view the WordPress privacy policy here:

We also use WooCommerce and the WC Vendors Plugins.

You can view the WooCommerce privacy policy here:
You can view the WC Vendors website here:


Contributors upload the images to Free Photos Hamilton. Due to the fact that contributors have accounts on our website, some personal information is stored on these individuals and/or groups. This information is standard to WordPress accounts, you can view their privacy policy by using the link above. The information in this paragraph also applies to you if you have an account on the Free Photos Hamilton website, but are not a contributor.