Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great Holiday season, we sure did. We’re already a month into 2016 and it’s time that we did our monthly site update so here’s what’s been happening this month on the site:

  • Blog Additions
    • This is the first month that we’ve started adding additional content to the blog including guides and editorials, we hope to try and get more content on the blog on a regular basis if possible.
  • Contributor┬áRole Changes
    • Photo contributors are now able to submit blog posts. This will hopefully result in some interesting and unique content in the near future.
  • Optimizations
    • We did a few days of optimization on the site, experimenting with a few different methods. We’ll keep trying to optimize as time goes on, of course, but for the time being we’ve made the site run much more efficiently than it did before.

Well there you have it, we’ve certainly been busy this month. The majority of the changes were revolving around the blog portion of the site in hopes that users can get some unique reading in between downloading some free photos.

Have an idea for the site going forward? Let us know via email: info@freephotoshamilton.ca